Introducing Korlan

Composer and musician Korlan composes and plays powerful and completive melodies, many of which are inspired by her observations on how the natural world reflects her understanding of the subtlety and passion of human emotions.

As she herself explains: Audiences who hear my music for the first time have described it as evocative and expressive and it commonly produces deep, emotional responses. Often a particular piece strikes a specific feeling or memory and listeners have sometimes been moved to tears.

It does not matter to me how people categorise my music, mostly it does not fit into any traditional genre. What does matter to me is: Does it touch your heart? Stir your emotions? Resonate and connect to you?

Music is a universal language. I get amazing feedback from people of many nationalities who are familiar with my music. The interesting thing is that everyone can find their own favourite melody, which they interpret and connect to in their own way. Music can communicate with everyone, it can connect to you, it does not matter your colour or status!

Music is my way of expressing myself, a window into my own observations of the world around me, my understanding of life, nature, people and human emotions. When I write my music it does not come from my head, it comes from my heart, and it comes to me naturally.